Compound variable frequency evaporative cooler for coal chemical industry

The closed cooling tower for YANGQUAN COAL INDUSTRY(GROUP)CO.,LTD is a special compound variable frequency evaporative cooler for coal chemical industry.


Compound variable frequency evaporative cooler is designed and developed to meet the requirements of high-efficient cooling and condensation of high-temperature and high-pressure working fluids in chemical industry. It is mainly used used in the domestic heat exchange equipment market for methanol (synthetic ammonia) and other production systems using complete sets of energy-saving devices. The second generation of compound frequency conversion evaporative cooler has been improved on the basis of the original process, extending the service life of the equipment, improving the heat exchange efficiency, and further expanding the new idea of latent heat transfer replacing sensible heat transfer.


 Main features:

  • Advanced heat exchange mechanism
  • High efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection
  • Compact size and simple installation
  • Easy to operate
  • Strong anti-corrosion ability and long service life
  • It is currently one of the most ideal energy-saving and environmentally friendly cooling equipment