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Why People Choose YLGH?

YLGH focus on continuous innovation around customer's requirements, upgrade product quality. Meanwhile, we keep an open cooperation with partners, supplying solutions for customer in electric power, metallurgy, coal chemical, petrochemical, refrigeration and other industries.
Manufacturing Capacity
13,500m2 company’s area with machining workshop, assembly workshop, standard parts warehouse, welding material warehouse. Standard and advanced production facilities with professional and experienced workers, strictly operated according to ISO9001, ISO14000.
Certificates & Patents
Luoyang Gaohua is a technology-led enterprise, insisting on technological innovation and design optimization. A new type of peak cooler heat exchange device, anti-white fog closed tower, wet air composite high efficiency condenser and etc., developed by our technical staff, have obtained national patents
Quality Control
During the production process, the heat exchange tube undergoes overall high-temperature hot-dip galvanizing at 487℃ , three times 2.5mpa pressure tests and a 24-hour holding pressure to ensure that the air tightness and strength of the coil are qualified
R & D Capabilities
The company has professional engineers in the fields of HVAC, mechanical design and manufacturing, thermal energy and power engineering, chemical machinery, metal welding, etc., and has rich industry experience.

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