Project List

The ammonia evaporative condenser for the Peru client
The closed cooling tower for water circulation system runs smoothly at the new material customer site
The air cooling unit renovation project jointly conducted by Gaohua and Cooperative Design Institute for Shaanxi Power Plant customers has been successfully put into trial operation.
The repair and replacement of the closed cooling towers for the steelmaking plant customer is being carried out
Crossflow closed-circuit cooling towers are being installed on chimial client's site
Evaporative condenser are applied to waste heat power generation project in petrochemical industry
The working process of closed cooling tower
The closed cooling tower manufactured by GH Cooling works well and the outlet temperature can be as low as 28°C in summer.
The evaporative condenser for coal chemical industry in Hebei China
Evaporative condensers are working well in the customer's steel plant
The skid-mounted closed type cooling tower with control system has been put into operation
Twenty sets dry and wet closed cooling towers are being installed at customer sites in Inner Mongolia
Combined dry and wet cooling tower with control system for power plant
Six sets evaporative condensers for Shanxi client.
Six sets evaporative condensers have been successfully transported to the customer site and are being installed.
Two sets compound-type evaporative condensers for coal chemical plant
Ten sets of evaporative condenser for MCC
Gaohua delivered closed cooling tower to Hebei customer’ site.
Evaporative condenser for domestic waste heat power generation project
The customer expressed the satisfaction with the equipment.
Compound variable frequency evaporative cooler for coal chemical industry
On-site installation of closed circuit cooling tower for Shanxi Jianbang Group
SLT Series Evaporative Cooler Work Well for YTO
Two sets of Evaporative Condenser have been delivered to client’s site