Evaporative condenser for domestic waste heat power generation project

In industries with high energy consumption, such as power, steel, and chemical industries, most of the low-parameter saturated steam is produced due to process requirements. Evaporative condensers can be used in projects that use these low-parameter saturated steam for waste heat power generation systems. Evaporative condenser is a kind of high-efficiency and energy-saving heat exchange equipment. It mainly uses water evaporation to absorb latent heat for heat transfer. Due to its high heat exchange efficiency, energy saving, compact structure and convenient installation, it is used in refrigeration equipment and petrochemical industries


The waste heat power generation cooling system mainly refers to the condenser cooling system at the exhaust end of the steam turbine, which directly condenses the exhausted steam discharged from the steam turbine into condensate, and then sends it back to the boiler to continue circulation. The evaporative condenser combines a condenser and a cooling tower into one, which can reduce energy consumption, reduce equipment volume, reduce investment costs, extend service life, enhance the stability and reliability of the operation process, and reduce operating costs.


The evaporative condenser combines condenser and cooling tower equipment into one, reducing the number of water pumps with large flow and high pressure heads, and realizing the integration of direct heat dissipation of condensation. It is based on evaporation, condensation and sensible heat exchange, and mainly uses the sensible heat of evaporation of cooling water to achieve cooling.