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Material selection

The condensing coil

The condensing coil is hot-dip galvanized to ensure  the overall corrosion resistance

Axial fan

Circulating water pump, motor protection class IP55,  insulation class F,

The fan impeller

The fan impeller is a special hollow aluminum alloy fan impeller

The heat exchange tube

The heat exchange tube can be made of stainless  steel, copper, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy

high-quality PVC material

The use of high-quality PVC material, unique multi-empty  and multi-curved structure, keep your loss of drift to lower  than 0 .001% drift rate, and it is anti-aging, light weight,  easy to clean and maintain.

Cooling tower drift eliminators

Cooling tower drift eliminators keep your loss of drift to

lower than 0 .001% drift rate.