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Closed cooling tower

Compared with the traditional open cooling tower, the closed system uses a evaporative cooler (closed cooling tower) as the main heat exchange equipment to isolate the cooling water from the outside world. In the heat exchange process, the environment, water body and equipment are highly clean, and it has the advantages of water saving, energy saving, low maintenance cost and intelligent operation.


The evaporative cooler can be used in steel plants and foundries; it can also be used for industrial fluid cooling of central air conditioning, chemical, pharmaceutical, hydraulic machinery, etc.


  • High heat transfer coefficient, compact structure and covers a small area
  • Small scaling factor, small temperature difference and is light.
  • Custom-made according to customers' requirements

Working flow

The air is drawn into the evaporative cooler by the axial fan through the grille, and the heat is discharged through the heat exchange tube bundle. The bleacher under the fan is to prevent water droplets from being carried away by the air.

The spray water falls into the water tank from the top of the evaporative cooler and is recycled through the spray water pump. When it falls, the spray water absorbs heat from the tube and evaporates at the same time. The evaporated spray water is automatically replenished through the water compensation valve.

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