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Industrial fluid anti-fouling and anti-scaling system

Technical Background

Scaling on heating surface is a common problem that leads to the safety and economy of industrial furnace and pipeline equipment. According to statistics, after scaling, the heat exchange coefficient of the heat exchange equipment decreases by 9 ~ 9.6%, and the energy consumption increases by more than 10%. The scale causes pipeline obstruction and corrosion under the scale on the equipment, which causes shutdown, cleaning and descaling, and the maintenance cost brings huge economic losses to the enterprise. 


Effect before descaling


The traditional chemical cleaning and physical mechanical descaling are not only require lots of labor and financial resources, but also consume a lot of water resources and cause secondary pollution to water body; while physical mechanical descaling will increase the roughness of metal surface, resulting in faster structure speed and shorter cleaning cycle.


Product Introduction

Fluid-Liner Electromagnetic frequency conversion resonance technology applies a very wide pulse modulation frequency which is the same as its natural frequency to the water through the pipeline, thus causing water molecules to resonate. The result of resonance: the physical structures such as fluid surface tension, viscosity, dispersion, solubility and dielectric constant change subtly. For water, hydrogen bonds can be broken and large water molecular clusters become single poles The polar water molecules below 20um can permeate, dissolve, disperse, loosen, remove the existing old scale in pipeline valves, boilers and heat exchange systems, and form suspended state to discharge with the fluid.


At the same time,CaCO3 and CO32- suspended in water collide with each other to form a large number of aragonite crystals (aragonite). Its surface viscosity is very weak and it is suspended in the fluid. Therefore, it is not adhered and deposited on the surface of the hanging device and equipment, so as to achieve the purpose of scale prevention.


Application Area

The main application field of fluid-liner is the treatment of production water. The emphasis is on the effective protection of boiler, heat exchanger, cooling tower, water pump, pipeline, valve, nozzle and the surface of equipment in contact with water to avoid mineral scaling.


Industrial cooling water treatment


Sewage sludge treatment system


Oil gas water gathering, transportation, separation system



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