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NBT Series evaporative cooler

NBT Series evaporative coolers are a type of counter flow closed circuit cooling tower, which are specially developed by the company for the metallurgical steel industry is mainly suitable for the cooling of softened water, desalinated water and hydraulic oil.



NBT series evaporative coolers are specially used in the metallurgical industry: closed-circuit soft water cooling for blast furnaces and hot blast furnaces in ironworks; soft water cooling for continuous casting molds and oxygen lances in steelworks; soft water cooling for steel mills, blast furnace self-provided power plants, etc.



  • Designed according to customer needs
  • High heat transfer coefficient, compact structure, small footprint
  • Low dirt coefficient, small end temperature difference, light weight


Working flow

The cooling medium in the evaporative cooler with latent heat evaporated from spray water outside of the tube and sensible heat from sprayed water and the air. The air is sucked from the inlet grill through the axial flow ventilator, sweeps past the heat exchange tube bundles and exhausts heat. A high-efficiency water collector is installed under the draught fan to prevent water droplets from being taken away with the air.

Spray water falls into the tank from the top of the evaporative condenser and is recycled through spray water pump. As it falls, spray water absorbs heat from the tube and is evaporated at the same time. Spray water which has been evaporated is automatically replenished through the water compensation valve.

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