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SZL series evaporative condenser

SZL series evaporative condenser uses heat exchange tube bundles and PVC fins for compound heat exchange, which increases the spray water cooling process, suitable for operating in clean air environment.


SZL series evaporative condensers are wildly used in food freezing and refrigeration, central air conditioning and other systems.


  • Closed circulation system to ensure the cleanliness of the cooling medium and improve the service life of the equipment.
  • The condensing coil is made of high-efficiency heat-conducting material, which has undergone 3 times of 2.5MPa air pressure test in the manufacturing process. The coil group has been treated with 487 ℃ whole hot-dip galvanizing, which improves the anti-corrosion ability of the equipment.
  • It has the advantages of compact structure, less floor area, light weight, less connecting pipe, convenient installation and low cost.

Working flow

SZL series evaporative condenser belongs to induced draft cross-flow condenser. During working operation, the dry cool air inlet through wide louvers on one side of the condenser, passes through the spray water, cooling coil and the filler, becomes hot and humid air, and is finally discharged into atmosphere by the fan on the top. During this process, a part of heat from the fluids inside the closed loop is transferred efficiently, and removed continuously. The cooling medium is not in contact with the outside during the cooling process, ensuring the cleanliness of the cooling medium and greatly improving the service life of the cooled host device.

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