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Compound-type Air Cooling Condensation System

The partial tube bundle in the traditional direct air cooling system is replaced with an evaporative condenser. Mainly air-cooled heat exchangers, supplemented by evaporative condensers, to ensure power generation and operating back pressure in high-temperature environments in summer.


Cooling of waste steam from thermal power generation and cogeneration in water-deficient area and relatively dry areas.


  • Optimize the combination of air cooling heat exchange and evaporation heat exchange to ensure the efficient operation of the system under the conditions of water saving and energy saving
  • It can operate under different environmental conditions. When the ambient temperature is low and the air-cooled heat exchange meets the system requirements, the compound cooling is in the closed state; when the ambient temperature is high and the air-cooled system cannot meet the requirements, the compound cooling is started.
  • The back pressure of air cooling system in summer is 35kpa, and the back pressure of evaporation condensation is 8-15kpa. When the two are used together, the back pressure of direct air cooling operation can be reduced by 5-15kpa.

Working flow

The part of the tube bundle in the traditional air cooling system is replaced by the evaporative condenser. It is mainly air-cooled heat exchange, supplemented by evaporation cooling, to ensure the power generation and operation back pressure under high temperature environment in summer.

The steam enters the air-cooled tube bundle through the pipeline for air-cooled heat exchange. Uncondensed steam in the tube bundle follows the pipeline and enters the evaporative cold tube bundle for evaporative heat exchange again. Non-condensable gas is discharged into the atmosphere, condensed water is collected in the water tank and sent back to the circulation system through the pipeline


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