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NZL Series Evaporative Condenser

Without fill, NZL series evaporative condenser has much space to enlarge its coil unit heat rejection area, more compact structure and requires less footprint .


NZL series evaporative condensers are wildly used in central air conditioning, metallurgy, coal chemical industry and other systems.


  • Closed circulation system to ensure the cleanliness of the cooling medium and improve the service life of the equipment
  • The condensing coil is made of high-efficiency heat-conducting material, which has undergone 3 times of 2.5MPa air pressure test in the manufacturing process. The coil group has been treated with 487 ℃ whole hot-dip galvanizing, which improves the anti-corrosion ability of the equipment.
  • It has the advantages of compact structure, less floor area, light weight, less connecting pipe, convenient installation and low cost

Work flow:

In a NZL series evaporative condenser, the fresh air intakes from bottom air inlet, and will become saturated hot air mixed with spraying water as they flow in reverse direction. The heat will be exhausted out by fans, but the water will be collected to water basin for secondary spraying by its special designed drift eliminator. The system adopts the arrangement of building blocks, which is more suitable for the application of large projects

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